Jet Pilot Shovel Nose Wake Surfboard Maroon Aqua 2023

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The brand new Shovel Nose surf style board has a diamond-shaped tail and nose.  This board is great for both regular and revert riding and provides plenty of pop for boosting airs.  The hand-finished EPS core and epoxy/fiberglass layup offer a responsive ride that is light but durable.  The quad fin setup comes with 4 molded Jetpilot custom fins.  

Length Width Thickness Volume
4'7" 20.3" 1.60"
21.2 Lt.

Each wake surfboard is handmade. We shape every core, wrap it in fiberglass, and use resin for lightweight strength. We inspect every board before it is shipped. This lightweight, high-performance product is built just like the best surfboards and DOES NOT have a warranty. If you damage or ding your board, it can be repaired just like a surfboard by using a standard surfboard repair kit with Polyester resin.

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