Black Crows Daemon 2019

  • $799.95

furtive - versatile - powerful

Perfect blend of titanal and full reverse camber. A very stable ski which goes in to action easily and efficiently due to the full reverse camber. The tonic effect of the flex is counterbalanced by the full reverse camber and allows the daemon to combine speed, bounce and easy handling.

  • Titanal plate on two thirds of the ski: bounce, tonicity, lightness and agility.
  • Very solid flex under the foot and progressive on tips and heels: efficient on the edges and good distortion of the extremities in soft snow.
  •  Intermediary paling: 99mm at the waist.
  •  Full reverse camber: ease in pivoting and cutting curves.
  •  Side lines enlarge to end of the ski: stability along the entire edge.

Semi-cap construction

Poplar wood core

Unique 120cm titanal plate

Weight: 3700g/pair @183.6

“It’s a bit like having a wild stallion under your feet: the skis pivot ever so easily, they just love to play with the ground. And when you want to dig the edge in, the Daemon’s right there, giving you instant bite into the snow whatever the terrain! », Julien Regnier.

sizes (cm) tip (cm) waist (cm) tail radius (m)
188.7 13.3 9.9 12.2 20
183.6 13.2 9.9 12.0 20
177.4 13.1 9.9 11.9 20
170.2 12.9 9.9 11.7 20