Black Crows Daemon Birdie 2019

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furtive - versatile - handles well

Perfect alliance of titanal and full reverse camber. A very stable ski which is easily to put into action and efficient due to the full reverse camber. The tonicity of the flex is counterbalanced by the full reverse camber which allows the daemon birdie to combine speed, bounce and good handling.

  • Intermediary lift: 99mm at the waist.
  • Full reverse camber: facilitates pivoting and carving lines.
  • Enlarged edges up to the tip: total stability throughout the length of the edge.
  • Titanal plate over two thirds of the ski: bounce, tonicity, lightness and agility.
  • Very solid flex under foot and progressive in the tip and heel: efficient on the edge and good deformation of the extremities in soft snow.

Semi cap construction

Poplar wood core 100cm titanal

layer underfoot

Weight: 3550g/pair @170.2

“with this Daemon Birdie you get the feeling of being in charge. If you want it to be tame, it’s tame; if you want it to bite, it can. It’s really quite neat to be the boss. » Julien Regnier.

sizes (cm) tip (cm) waist (cm) tail radius (m)
177.4 13.1 9.9 11.9 20
170.2 12.9 9.9 11.7 20
164.3 12.7 9.9 11.6 20
157.4 12.5 9.9 11.5 20