CBDayz OG CBD Muscle Gel 1000mg

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Just check out the back of our OG CBD Muscle Gel's to view the ingredients list. See all the oils!?

This is the staple product of CBDayz’s brand. The OG Muscle Gel is the reason why we started the company - to support riders good vibes after long dayz of riding. We did this by creating the most thoughtful and quality designed CBD gel on the CBD market. The OG Muscle Gel is designed to give athletes a natural, potent CBD gel full of thoughtful oils. There's so many amazing oils in this bottle, just check the ingredients list!

It's in the details of how this product was created. We've quietly been testing and improving the OG Muscle gel with pro-athletes in snowboarding, skating and surfing for the past 2 years. 

Like a stylish method, a nice big cut back or a blunt-slide in the sweet spot of the board, we've taken the knocks to learn what feels and looks just right. We've been working with our athletes to learn and adapt our OG Gel to get their whole hearted tick of approval. We're now stoked to launch our OG Muscle Gel, tweaked to potent perfection!

The method to our madness is 2000mg of high-dose pack-a-punch CBD to massage into your large muscles (such as your back, legs, chest, shoulders). Get after it with the OG Muscle Gel.

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