Dahu Ecorce 01X Warm Grey and Black Boots 2023

Size: 26
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The 01X range is designed for all levels of skiing, with a predilection for very intensive and aggressive use, adapting to different foot morphologies, with a medium width fit. Top skiers will love it for its unprecedented foot support and hold, the tightening systems are super-efficient and offer a very precise response. The 01X liner sits much closer to the foot and leg shaft adding a sensation of performance and precision.

The most advanced Dahu boot ever made, the Ecorce 01X embodies performance, design and comfort. The 01X shells are made of Grilamid which has the best weight-performance ratio. Cambium boots are made of the lightest and best performing synthetic materials, the lining is specially made to increase heel hold, the ankle and tongue padding are 3D molded to fit the foot perfectly and ensure a complete and comfortable fit. Force transmission is exceptional, providing safety and precision during practice. Once the shell is removed, the Cambium shoe is perfectly comfortable for other activities.

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