Dinosaurs Will Die Bilocq 2019

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DWD Bilocq

154 Demo - 9/10 Condition

From the ashes of the Genovese board comes three new models to the DWD line. Ben Bilocq’s previous guest model is one of these models that has taken on a life of its own. Quiet, but not bashful, Ben wanted his board to pay tribute to a time when companies and riders weren’t afraid to make a statement with the boards that they rode. And there’s no time better than now to remind y’all… “F**k Trump!”

@BenBilocq // #BilocqBoard

Goldie camber

SINtered base

Flex = 4

Sizes = 151cm, 154cm, 157cm

POPlar wood core with Birch stringers - This is the benchmark in cores. It’s used in the entire DWD collection and flex is adjusted for each model with core thickness, camber profiles and added tech. 

12 Pack inserts - High grade stainless inserts in 12 packs placed to ensure maximum stance options.

Biaxial glass - A flexible fibreglass layup that is used on the top and bottom of the cores in all of the DWD boards. AKA, Biax/Biax

ABS sidewalls - Tried and true. An industry standard thermoplastic material used when creating sandwich construction boards, that adds stiffness and increases durability. 

All Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards are made in Austria