Dinosaurs Will Die Brewster 2019

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Demo - 9.5/10 - 1 day on snow 

Workin’ for the weekend, then work it on the weekend! The Brewster board is an all-out, all-mountain, freestyle fun stick! And once you’ve had your fun, if you’re DIY inclined and a marathon boarder that’s looking to sweat going up the hill before coming back down; an ABS strip has been added to the center of the core, along with carbon reinforced pads to the center mounting locations, so you can split this rainbow and enlighten yourself to the double rainbow experience!**

@BruceVapes // #BrewsterBoard

Lowrider camber

SINtered base

Flex = 7

Sizes = 153cm, 157cm, 161cm 

* DWD recommends that you only attempt to split this board after you’ve used it and it has become your secondary snowboard. Seek the help of a pro shop or individual that is well versed in splitting snowboards.

**A miss-cut during the DIY process of splitting this board, or delaminated board after the board has been cut, is not covered under warranty.

POPlar wood core with Birch stringers - This is the benchmark in cores. It’s used in the entire DWD collection and flex is adjusted for each model with core thickness, camber profiles and added tech. 

12 Pack inserts - High grade stainless inserts in 12 packs placed to ensure maximum stance options.

Biaxial glass - A flexible fibreglass layup that is used on the top and bottom of the cores in all of the DWD boards. AKA, Biax/Biax

ABS sidewalls - Tried and true. An industry standard thermoplastic material used when creating sandwich construction boards, that adds stiffness and increases durability. 

All Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards are made in Austria