Dinosuars Will Die The Bogart 2020

Dinosuars Will Die The Bogart 2020

  • $300.00

The Dinosaurs Will Die Bogart Snowboard is an all-around park board for anyone trying to ride like Ben Bogart himself: rails, booters, gaps, gaps to rails sandwiched by booters...this is the controller for your dream video game tricks. Flat Goldicam camber, a mid flex, and a pure freestyle shape will all be with you as you push it. Real good.


Flex Rating  4 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Directional Twin  A longer nose than tail, with sidecut and insert packs that are centered between the contact points.

Single Radius Sidecut  Based on a single radius from contact point to contact point. This style produces one evenly arced turn.


Poplar Core with Birch Stringers  The benchmark standard in cores. Its used in the entire DWD collection and flex is adjusted for each model with core thickness, camber profiles, and additional tech.


Biaxial Fiberglass  A flexible fiberglass layup that is used on the top and bottom of the cores in all of the DWD boards.


ABS Sidewalls  Tried and true. An industry-standard thermoplastic material used when creating sandwich construction boards, ABS adds stiffness and increased durability.


Sintered Base  A strong, high density base with micropores that hold wax. It's finished with a structured texture that helps disperse water and slide fast when regularly waxed.

Binding Compatibility

12 Pack 2x4 Insert Pattern