Fischer The Curv 120 Vacuum GripWalk 2023

Size: 26.5
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High-performance boot with a lightweight shell and perfect First-Fit for wider feet. The CURV 120 VAC boot has the same thermoformable IFZ Performance liner as higher flex models. This provide secure heel fit and is further adjustable with velcro fitting pads to improve comfort in the foot's sensitive areas.

Excellent Walkability

The Curv boot seeks to be the skiers’ best friend thanks to the standard mounted GripWalk® soles. These rockered and rubber textured soles enable a comfortable stride and ensure ultimate grip across all types of terrain encountered during a day at the ski resort.

Lightweight Shell

The proprietary Fischer VACUUM material used in these shells delivers impressive ski performance and greatly reduces weight, making for an enjoyable ski day. This shell material has a predictable, supportive flex that does not vary much with temperature, enabling you to ski with confidence. VACUUM shells are also incredibly customizable and allow you and your bootfitter to find the perfect fit.

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