Melin Red Thermal Lumberjack Hat 2023

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Lumberjack THERMAL was engineered with Climate Adapt technology on the crown panels designed to resist snow melt (water) to prevent absorption. As the body heats up, the fibers of the crown expand to allow your body heat to escape.

Exterior Crown: Merino wool blend with signature "Climate Adapt" technology on the crown panels. Adjustable ear flaps with custom molded trim.

Interior: Premium Sherpa lining for heat retention and insulation

Visor: Merino wool blend with signature "Climate Adapt" technology, brushed suede under visor and signature thumbprint seal.

Closure: Water-resistant Nappa Leather strap back

This is a complementary shape for wider faces and people who generally enjoy a deeper fitting or modified flat bill. The horizontal front seam makes for a very comfortable hat and naturally follows the shape of the human head.

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