Nobaday Beauty 2019

Nobaday Beauty 2019

  • $350.00
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Slight top sheet blemish, 2 chips in nose from shipping...price reflects damage

NOBADAY Beauty Snowboard

    Carving effortlessly through weightless, untouched powder. Snowboarding is like dancing in the air.

    Base: Infusing a specially formulated wax deep into the pores of this extra-absorbent, Base 7.5K sintered material results in an ultra-durable base that stays wide open all season and in any condition.

    Fiberglass: The 800g tri-axial fiberglass distributed through out the top and the bottom of the board provides stiffness, and the two crossed carbon fiber strips maximize the torsional strength of the board for better landings.

    Core: Stronger and lighter aspen woods target specific areas of the core to provide pop, strength, and reduced weight.

    Sidewall: Nobaday’s soft sidewall is part of NDPT Sidewall Protection Technology, which makes the board more duable and prevents damage upon collisions.

    Graphite:  The graphite is added to help dissipating the static charges, reducing friction, and making the base faster.

    Riding Level: Intermediate
    Terrain: Park
    Bend: Camber
    Shape: Twin
    Personality: Medium
    Width: Standard
    Fiberglass: 600g Carbon Highlights