RMU Apostle 106 2022

Size: 184cm
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The culmination of 12 years of testing and 10 years of manufacturing within the brain trust of the entire RMU community has built the foundation of the Apostle 106 3.0. Delivering on the ethos of the Apostle with a playful and easy to ski nature but blended with pure stability and power when you need it. The ultimate ski has been reimagined and delivered.

The 3.0 106 has a longer effective edge with low rise rocker to work together and create stability but easy edge release for a playful feel.  A 5% thicker Poplar beech wood core provides power and pop in all conditions.  Match that all up with a big mountain graphite base and double thick edges and sidewalls for supreme durability.

We produced the first Apostle in 2011 and won numerous awards.  We continued its pedigree into the 2.0 and now we are delivering its best and truest version today.  Grab a pair of the redesigned V1 graphics in blackout RMU fashion.  Very limited supplies available in each size, once they're out of stock they are not being produced again.

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