Salomon Sickstick Snowboard 2022

Size: 153
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The SICKSTICK, tried-and-true and tested by time and endless riders--an instant classic upon its inception over 10 years ago. Designed by Wolle Nyvelt, this tapered twin turns 6-inch days into 12-inch days and makes riding switch in pow a breeze. Sustainable bamboo and cork components offer a lively, nimble ride, while reducing weight and waste. Float Rock out camber allows for easy turn initiation and assistance in deeper snow while the tapered tail allows for added buoyancy in the nose; think of a boat hull in deep snow. Maneuverability This tapered twin shape allows for quick, tight turns by reducing swing weight in the tail; the stance is centered to the sidecut so you can ride well in any direction. Pop ABC Wrapper construction uses lively bamboo for explosive ollies and reactive turns; combine that with Popster and our light and snappy Ghost Green Core for maximum load.

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