Slash Splash Snowboard 2023

Size: 120
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As Gigi’s boys spend more and more days with him on the mountain each year, the more first-hand R&D feedback he gets on our Splash board. Knowing the fundamental basics that turn kids off snowboarding –edge catches and unforgiving rides – Gigi’s put a number of features to help make snowboarding easy and accessible for kids.

With a soft and simple flex, the Splash helps initiate easy arcs and encourages proper foot control. Its mid-sidecut Traction Bump maintains edge hold from first turns to fast fall line riding. The twin tip shape offers a bed where freestyle moves can grow, and its rockered tips reduce edge-catch. The Splash now comes with a high-quality Sintered base to give best advancement of momentum. Our reliable Forever wood core can take on seasons to come, too.

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