Tacticalories Firing Lime Chipotle

Tacticalories Firing Lime Chipotle

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Spicy, smokey, earthy taste with real, natural ingredients to add a little flame to your meals. Chicken, fish, beef, seafood, pork, game meat, and veggies - nothing is safe. Smoked chipotle pepper with a hint of fresh lime - game over. Spicy, but not hot. Family friendly for most.



Serving Size - 1/4 tsp (.64g) | Servings per 4oz Container - 177
Sodium - 60mg
Carbs / Sugar - 0g

Our own craft recipe blended with sea salt, chipotle pepper Morita, dextrose, garlic, onion, sugar, cumin, cilantro, black pepper, coriander, cayenne, lime flavor, and citric acid.