Tentsile T-Mini Double Hammock

  • $150.00

The T-Mini is the perfect lightweight hang out. This spacious two-person hammock is a perfect size for hiking and backpacking, designed to suspend you and a partner off the ground in pure comfort.

No more lumpy, bumpy, wet or muddy ground! Just find 3 strong anchor points and experience freedom on a whole new level. The T-Mini hammock can also be used as an extra layer beneath the Flite+ or Connect Tree Tents, to create a double floor and provide insulation from below. 

The T-Mini hammock comes with only one ratchet to save weight, and because of its handy size, can be set up between most tree configurations - from the densest forest to paradise island Palms. The T-Mini is the lightest two-person suspended hangout solution you will find, so go forth and experience a whole new level of freedom in the Forest!